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Video Reassessments

This is your final warning regarding videos that you send to me. Your reassessments must meet the following criteria:

  • Include in your email: your name, the standard being reassessed, a description of the question being answered, and a link to the video.
  • The video needs to be set to public or unlisted.  I can not see private videos
  • The video should be shorter than 5 min.
  • I like videos that are horizontal and not vertical – but I will still watch vertical videos.
  • If I have to turn my head to see the video (horizontal video that is uploaded vertical or the other way), I get cranky.  Cranky Dr. Allain means lower scores.
  • You should have two people watch the video before you send it to me – but I don’t actually check that.
  • The video needs to be submitted within 2 weeks of taking the in class test.
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