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Reading Quizzes

Because there is a slight chance that I wasn’t clear – I have opened up chapter 1 and 2 reading quiz.  If you never took these, I will give you until Friday.

While I am on the subject of reading quizzes, let me remind you – YOU NEED TO READ THE BOOK.  I can tell that there are a significant number of you in class that are partially lost.  Now is the time to panic – not at the end of the semester.  Now is the time to try and catch up.  If you wait even another day, you will get to the point where you are so far behind that you will NEVER catch up.

So, let me summarize:

  • Read the book.  You can find out when the quizzes are due on the schedule page (see the link at the top).
  • Homework.  If you don’t have WebAssign, work the example problems in the book.  If you don’t work any problems, you will never understand physics.  Trust me.  It would be like trying to lose weight without changing your diet or exercising.
  • Ask questions in class.  Participate in class.  Come to class.  If 8:00 AM is too early, drink some coffee.
  • Submit a video for reassessments.  Really, if you did poorly on the in-class assessment and then you don’t make a video you are just choosing to not do well.
  • Work with other students.  You would be surprised at how useful this can be.
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