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How big is a platinum atom?

Here are the answers for all the students that answered this question.


Just so you know, the answer was around 2.47 x 10^-10 m.  That would correspond to a value above of ln(2.47×10^-10) = -22. Yes, I know I cheated on the units for this graph.  A few of you had answers that were bigger than the size of the Earth.  Here are some helpful things to keep in mind when you get an answer:

  • The calculator is not always right. Just because it is electronic does not mean that it is absolutely correct.
  • An atom is on the order of 10^-10 m in diameter.  This is something useful to recall.
  • A person is typically around 1-2 meters.
  • The distance across the USA is around 4 x 10^3 m
  • The diameter of the Earth is around 10^7 meters.
  • The distance to the sun is around 10^11 meters.

Bonus video

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