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ReAssessment Notes

Just a few quick reminders:

  • If you want to submit a reassessment, you must submit something within 2 weeks of the original assessment.  After that, if you still don’t understand the material, you can re-reassess.
  • Peer review.  I said you need to have your screen cast reviewed by at least two other students.  I am not going to check this, but it is still a requirement.  I don’t want you sending me something that you haven’t had someone else go over also.  Trust me, this is good for you.
  • If you have technical difficulties with screen casts, ask me for help.  If you ask me for help one hour before the screen cast is due, I will talk really slowly.
  • VPython.  I still haven’t decided how to assess the vpython things.  They will be optional – in that your scores on vpython items will replace your other lowest scored standards.  For now, just pick some program to show a screen cast of – hopefully you will show a vpython program that can demonstrate your understanding.
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